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Sustainable Development


Growing our business while taking the sustainability of its social, ecological, and societal environment into account is not new to NutriXo. The issues related to Sustainable Development have been a part of the company’s management system for several years.

NutriXo has a long-term vision for its environment and the people around it. Here are some examples of this:


  • Values: NutriXo’s employees have established the company’s development and future growth on fundamental shared values that are recognised by everyone: human relationships, product quality and interdependence.
  • Training: NutriXo has a proactive approach to training. Ours was one of the first companies in the bakery industry to develop certificate courses for production staff (Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle - Professional Qualification Certificate), courses that are recognised by the entire food industry. Moreover, our Gennevilliers site was recently awarded gold prize in the "Trophées du DIF" competition for its "improve your French" course.
  • Career mobility: Thanks to the diversity of jobs we offer and the number of production sites we have around Europe, there are great opportunities for employees to change location or role within the company

The environment

  • NutriXo carries out on-site training sessions on water-saving techniques. The quality of waste water is also monitored and improvement targets have been set. And finally, an energy reduction plan has been implemented and the results are already significant.
  • Waste production has significantly decreased in the last few years because of improvements to our process management. We sort our waste and recycle what we can: cardboard is recycled on all sites, pallets and metals are reused, and co-products (dough, bread, etc.). are sold to animal feed companies.
  • Production sites calculate their greenhouse gas emissions in order to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Every year, a safety and environmental diagnostic is carried out on every site with a view to improving the situation.
  • In order to optimise logistic flows, sustainable development criteria are part of our requirements for hauliers.

The industry

  • NutriXo has the advantage of having close ties to the farming world and has a special relationship with its upstream and downstream partners, and is a major player in the wheat-flour-bread industry. We have an open dialogue with our customers in order to find common solutions for reducing our environmental impact
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