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Bread, Viennoiserie, and Brioche

In this sector, NutriXo has the companies Délifrance, Appétit de France, Krabansky, Société Nouvelle Sofrapain, and Le Pain Croustillant, and over 3000 employees, over one third of whom work outside France.

Several product families


In Europe and across the world, NutriXo sells a very wide range of over 400 products, and develops more every year, from bread to brioche:

  • Bread: baguettes, miniguettes, batards, sandwich bread, rustic bread, etc.
  • Viennoiserie: pains au chocolat, croissants, apple turnovers, swirls, baskets, etc.
  • Brioches: Family-sized, individual, filled, local specialities, etc.
  • Provencette sandwiches: Pre-filled, pre-grilled, hot or cold. For all these products, NutriXo develops recipes with the most skilled specialists in the profession and uses the best flour, the best butter, the best eggs, and the best fruit, because you cannot make good products without top quality ingredients and recipes.

A wide positioning

NutriXo brings its solutions to the many players in the food service, retail, and bakery markets… the world over:

  • European distribution: to satisfy its customers, NutriXo works with them to develop recipes, and supports them from the design phase to the sale of products in stores,
  • Food service: The group provides product solutions and branded quick-service catering concepts for user customers and distributors,
  • Industrial manufacturers: NutriXo provides technological added-value, with food safety assurances.
  • Home sales: it produces innovative, convenient, and healthy products, which distinguish themselves by their authentic taste.

Know-how and innovation

Networking with the best bakery and pastry chefs and with laboratories and factories the world over, NutriXo produces products that comply with the Group’s standards and values: respect for nature, the simplicity of natural recipes, flavours, and great tasting products. Another indicator of the group’s know-how and permanent innovation is the different technologies its products are available in, many of which NutriXo invented or pioneered over 30 years ago: Ready to Prove (RTP), Ready to Bake (RTB), Thaw & Serve (T&S), Oven Prove (OP), Part-baked (PB), Fully-baked (FB), and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

Companies concerned by this activity

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